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Forever GiGi/ GiGi Crofts:

25 years old. Mother. Lover. Student. Blogger. 


My name is GiGi, I am 25 years old. 

I am a mother to my beautiful 3 year old daughter, a lover to my amazing boyfriend, a degree student studying Psychology and Sociology and a part time mental health worker. 

A busy bee, but  still make time for blogging. 

I decided to become a blogger from the age of 10 however I have always been a diary writer and interest in a blogger role. I remember receiving my first diary in a birthday party bag (i still have this diary), its purple with sequins, and holds a lock and key. I started writing in this diary straight away and even still now, 15 years on I still have this diary, however have upgraded to a new one since this one. I have always enjoyed being a diary writer and thought now was my time to move onto blogging to share my thoughts, feeling, experiences, ambitions and hopefully entertain my readers, inspire my readers and keep them coming back for more. 


I aim to make my readers feel at home here, feel inspired and positive from my shared content just as I am sure you readers will inspire me. 
I aspire to gain a positive and supportive audience of readers and hope to engage with you all through my social media. 
In the future I would like my blog to lead onto reviewing beauty products, beauty advice, share photography of fashion and possibly work with other bloggers too. 

Fashion/ Beauty/ Life:
If you love Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle and all things great then you will settle in nicely here. Expect loads of posts about beauty and fashion, lots of photos and positive thoughts as I welcome you with open arms.
I love anything to do with professional makeup, I love trying out new makeup looks, trying new fashion styles and sharing with others. 
I am a new blogger, so I am learning, but I have always been passionate about sharing my experiences, inspire and engage with others. 
This is a new exciting adventure I am embarking on and I hope you will join me on it. 

                                           FOREVER GiGi .xo.xo.